VTech Slide and Talk Smart Phone Review (with Video)

My daughter loves my phone. She’s constantly reaching for it and when she does get a hold of it, she’s always calling and texting away. Oh, she has a blast! Here’s the problem though. My daughter is only two years old. She’s called the bank, texted my boss, and it’s becoming a problem. But I knew there had to be a toy out there that would satisfy her taste for technology and leave my phone safe and secure in my hands. After some research, I came across the VTech Slide and Talk Smart Phone.

It’s the perfect toy phone for kids. My daughter is not only having fun and being entertained, she’s also learning a thing or two. I don’t have to feel guilty about handing her the VTech Slide and Talk Smart Phone because I know that it was designed with education in mind.

If you want to learn a bit more about this awesome toy phone for kids, keep reading. You’ll learn all about the toy, including its features, pros, and cons, all of which will help you decide if it’s the right toy for your child.

VTech Slide and Talk Smart Phone

The VTech Slide and Talk Smart Phone is everything a toy phone for kids should be. Your child will love sliding out the ABC typing keyboard that helps with letter recognition and allows your child to pretend text their friends. You can operate the toy in phone mode or message mode and don’t be surprised if your child gets a few surprise phone calls from fun characters. Your child can create their own internal contact list with up to four friends and then choose from a variety of engaging tunes to use as the phone’s ring tone.

There are eight fun-filled activities included that are geared towards teaching your child letter recognition, numbers and counting, phone and social skills, typing, and more. If your child is all about visuals, the animated LCD screen will keep them entertained. It adjusts as needed for vertical and horizontal play.

Overall, this toy phone should keep your little one thoroughly entertained while throwing in a letter or number lesson here and there. You can relax, knowing that the toy was designed with little ones in mind, and take care of a few texts or emails on your own phone while your child safely explores their new toy phone.

Will the VTech Slide and Talk Smart Phone Really Help with ABC’s?

According to Education.com, most children should be able to say their ABC’s and count to 10 by the time they enter Kindergarten. The age can be earlier though, especially if a child is regularly exposed to letters and numbers.

This is one of the main reasons I was attracted to the VTech Slide and Talk Smart Phone. It’s designed to introduce the alphabet and numeracy in a captivating and encouraging way. Your child can develop their letter and number identification while being entertained and stimulated.

I would never use this toy phone as a substitute for one-on-one learning and teaching opportunities. But I enjoy knowing that my daughter is being exposed to letters and numbers through independent play. This helps to encourage learning on her own terms.


The VTech Slide and Talk Smart Phones comes with several features that are sure to win over you and your child. It’s an educational toy by any standards, especially when you consider the following:

  • Realistic phone appearance with answer button, end button, and numeric key pad
  • Large and bright LCD screen featuring a friendly owl character
  • Several songs available to use as ring tones
  • Quiz feature to reinforce number and letter recognition
  • Friendly characters, voices, and phrases to entertain your child
  • Volume is automatically adjusted to protect child’s hearing
  • Available in pink and orange


While there are many toy phones for kids on the market, there are a few features that set the VTech Slide and Talk Smart Phone apart from the rest.

  • Promotes basic math skills
  • Assists with number identification and counting
  • Multiple activities help children explore new skills and beginner concepts
  • Children are encouraged to explore and learn with friendly characters and engaging visuals and sounds
  • Activities progress as your child advances, helping to build confidence and curiosity


The phone is pretty close to being perfect but there are a few concerns brought up by parents.

  • Sound might be too low for some children
  • Toy phone needs batteries, which can unexpectedly run out
  • Few color choices

VTech Slide and Talk Smart Phone Video

Other Options

The VTech Slide and Talk Smart Phone isn’t the only toy phone on the market. If you’re not sure if it’s the right one for your child, consider a couple other options. VTech seems to know what they’re doing when it comes to designing toy phones for kids. Another one of their top sellers is the VTech Call and Chat Learning Phone. The games are a bit more interactive, but not necessarily focused primarily on letters and numbers.

You can also consider the VTech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone. It has a touch screen and 12 fun apps that respond to your child’s touch. The apps include a calendar, clock, and weather feature that really lets your child feel as if they have an authentic smartphone. The colors are vivid and the touch screen helps to keep your child engaged the entire time.

Final Verdict

If you’ve been looking for a toy phone for kids, VTech offers some great choices, including the VTech Slide and Talk Smart Phone. It’s a great introductory learning tool and can help keep your child entertained and engaged when you just need a quick moment to send an email or a text, which you’ll be able to do since your child won’t have kidnapped your phone.

I’m so happy I found the VTech Slide and Talk Smart Phone for my daughter. It’s been helping her learn her letters and numbers and my phone’s been safe and sound in my own hands. In conclusion, if you’re looking or an educational yet entertaining toy, the VTech Slide and Talk Smart Phone is simply perfect.