VTech Call and Chat Review (with Video)

I needed a birthday present for my nephew. He’s three years old and into the usual toys kids his age like. But he had just about everything and I didn’t know where to begin shopping for him. I asked a few friends for advice and was surprised that two of them mentioned the VTech Call and Chat by name. They said it’s a very engaging toy that also promotes learning. This means my nephew would love playing with it and my sister and brother-in-law wouldn’t hold a grudge against me. I set out to find a little bit more about the toy phone and loved what I saw. Stick around to learn all about the exciting features found in this toy phone, along with a few other options to help you make your final decision.

VTech Call and Chat

The VTech Call and Chat is a toy phone that allows children, ages 2-5, to explore with a realistic phone. It has many of the same apps probably found on your phone, including music, photos, games, and a clock. Your child can also enter and store up to five phone numbers in the contact section.

There are 10 games included with the phone, all designed to help your child learn. Most are focused on letters and numbers, which is perfect. But there are a few that cover less common subjects, like understanding and telling time.

Your child can pretend to call their family and friends but if they want to have a conversation with someone new, the VTech Call and Chat lives up to its name with an interactive chatting experience featuring an adorable and friendly bird who pops up on the screen. The answers are preprogrammed but your child will still think they’re having a unique and one-on-one conversation with their new feathered friend.

Should I Be Pushing a Phone On My Child?

This is a great question, and one I had myself as well. Parents.com has addressed the increasing presence of technology in our children’s lives. The experts don’t all agree but in some studies, like one that followed children from preschool through adolescence in Massachusetts, Texas, and Pennsylvania, found that children who had been introduced to small amounts of educational TV while in preschool placed more value on achievement as they aged. They read more books and had higher grades as teenagers compared to children who only watched television for entertainment at the same age.

It can be assumed that as long as the technology we introduce to our children is educational, we don’t have to worry too much about a future fallout. We need to monitor our children’s technology consumption. This includes toy phones. But by keeping them interested in everything the world has to offer, there’s nothing wrong with using a toy phone to engage and entertain your child for a small portion of the day.


VTech seems to have thought of everything when it comes to the VTech Call and Chat. Take a look at everything included in the phone’s features.

  • 15 app buttons
  • Voice recognition technology
  • Fun chat feature
  • Phone number storage with shortcut contact buttons for family and friends
  • Realistic apps, including clock, photos, and music
  • Helps children learn letters, numbers, counting, and more


There are a few features that really make the VTech Call and Chat superior to others in the same category.

  • Includes a fun music playlist for dancing and background music
  • Includes two quiz games to track progress and skill levels
  • Uses fun and engaging activities to explore letters, numbers, time concepts, counting, and more
  • Includes unique activities, like a game that explains solar and wind power by having children blow into the microphone to rotate a pretend windmill
  • Includes batteries so play can start right away
  • Geared towards children ages 2-5 but older children will still enjoy some of the features, making it a great investment toy


While the toy phone is really great, there are a few features that could be improved upon.

  • Screen is a bit dull by some standards and not in color
  • Some users have issues with the phone breaking shortly after its first use but VTech stands by their products and replacements are usually sent out quickly
  • The size of the phone is quite large, which could be awkward for younger users

VTech Call and Chat Video

Other Options

I highly recommend the VTech Call and Chat but if you want to make sure you’re making the right decision, there are a few other options you can consider. The VTech Slide and Talk Smart Phone is another toy phone that allows children to learn letters and numbers in an interactive and encouraging setting.

The VTech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone, which has a touch screen and 12 fun apps that respond to your child’s touch, is another great option. The apps include a calendar, clock, and weather feature that really lets your child feel as if they have an authentic smartphone. The colors are vivid and the touch screen helps to keep your child engaged the entire time.

Final Verdict

After checking everything out, I did buy the VTech Call and Chat for my nephew. I watched him open it at his birthday party and his face instantly lit up. My sister tells me he plays with it all the time and feels like such a grown-up because he has his own phone to take with him when they go out. My sister also told me she’s noticed an improvement in my nephew’s recognition of letters and numbers.

In the end, we all got exactly what we wanted. I was able to surprise my nephew with an affordable gift. His mom has confidence in the toy and my nephew loves his his new toy phone. If there’s a little one in your life that would love a toy phone to explore with, the perfect option is closer than you think. Pick up the VTech Call and Chat Learning Phone today. The smile on the receiver’s face will let you know you made the right decision.