VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube Review

Good toys for younger kids are those that will give them educational benefits. They should be more than just a toy to play with. The toy should teach the kid some basic knowledge too and promote creativity.

Kids will be facing greater challenges as they get older. That is why, as a parent, you should prepare them and make them capable of facing them. While they are young, they have a lot of opportunities to learn more about the environment they live in.

They actually have a lot of curiosity, which you can use to full advantage when teaching them new things. Toys are one of the best tools to do exactly that since they put a lot of attention on these things.

VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube is one of the best choices for your young kids. It definitely allows a lot of opportunity for learning and discovery. The features of this toy are designed for improving the knowledge of your kids.

It is also made in way that your kids will have a lot of fun. The capacity for exploring and huge dose of curiosity are what this toy capitalizes on. They will surely put a lot of attention to it. You can be assured that your kids are growing smart and happy with this wonderful toy by their side.


Now, let’s explore the features of this toy. You will surely like its features since it has a lot of good things going for them. All of which will help your child develop new skills. This toy is certainly a good choice for your kids.

  • Gives 5 sides for kid’s exploration
  • Has 4 attractive light-up fun buttons for various introduction
  • 14 entertaining interactive features
  • Motion sensor for the cube’s movement
  • 25 songs and beautiful melodies
  • Made of safe BPA-free durable plastic
  • 2 AAA available batteries for demo


  • Have a lot of valuable features
  • Affordable
  • Keep your kids occupied
  • Teach them new skills
  • Safe for your kids


  • It is quite loud


This toy can be your kids’ favorite. It is surely fun to play with and is interactive. The sound it produces is meant to teach your kids new things at a young age. There are a lot of buttons that your kids can press so they will get something to turn their attention into.

An alphabet side that features four letters is also available, which will teach your kids the basics of ABCs at an early age. This will help them prepare to learn more letters later on as they get older. Familiarization can be a good way of speeding up your kid’s learning.

This cube has a lot more to offer.  There are also animal sounds and instrument sounds. There are pictures for those sounds so that the kid will be able to identify them during the course of playing with the toy. It will improve their ability to learn, memorize and comprehend.

Kids like to roam around. They turn their attention to anything they can get their eyes and hands on. Colorful objects and flashing lights will surely catch their attention. That’s why this toy will certainly do a good job at getting their attention since it has a colorful appearance, flashing lights, and lots of interesting sounds.

Catching the attention of a kid is not enough, you have to sustain it so they will remain occupied. This toy has 25 playful songs and melodies that will surely fill your kid’s curiosity. There are also five sides that give something interesting for them.


Now, let’s compare this toy with another. Choosing this toy is actually a good decision. But we still have to compare it to another one comparable to its price so that we will have a better perspective of its value.

So, let’s choose a product that is close to the price of the product we are reviewing. Let’s try to compare it with VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube. This toy is also a good one which can give new ideas and knowledge to your kids. It will also give them lots of fun. So the features of this toy are also great and can really catch the attention of your kid.

It is a motorized baby ball that has 3 light-up shape buttons that can teach your kid about numbers and insects. That is certainly great and will help your kid grow with more knowledge. This toy also has 40+ sing along songs as well as sound effects that also includes fun phrases.

Kids will not get bored if they have this toy right by their side.  The spinning ladybug will catch their fancy every time. This feature will improve their visual awareness. So, overall, it is safe to say that it is at par with the product that we are reviewing. This toy could be a good alternative. Although, it is 1 dollar more expensive than the product we are reviewing.


In conclusion, this toy is a good pick for your kids. Sure, there are more alternatives out there but this one has a lot of good reviews and does have a moderate buzz. So, if you are looking for a good educational toy for your kid, you can bet that this is a good choice.

It is worth every penny. Your kids will have their attention fixed on this toy. You will be surprised on how interested they are when holding this toy.

If your kid is very picky, we are confident that they will still like this toy, since it has 5 sides which encourages exploration. So, if they don’t like one side of this activity cube, there are still 4 sides to choose from.

This toy is reasonably priced. The features it has and the benefits it gives to your kid will surely be well worth it. VTech had been making high-quality toys for kids. They are in this business for quite some time so it is safe to say that they have a lot of valuable experiences making toys for kids. They know just the best toys for your kids.