JUNE 2017: Summer Infant Pop N Jump Portable Activity Center Review (with Video)

My family and I are always on the go. My husband and I are lucky enough that our jobs allow us to travel quite a bit. Whenever we can, we hit the road for a long weekend and explore a new city or town, even if it’s only an hour away. We’ve become professionals at packing, planning, anPOP AND JUMPd having fun but there is one thing that’s made our trips a little more difficult to execute lately. You see, we had our first child about 6 months ago. And while we’re in love with her, we’re finding it a bit tricky to keep her happy on the go. But this all changed when I came across the Sumer Infant Pop N’ Jump Portable Activity Center also know as the summer infant pop n jump.

Noticed that I said portable? This jumper has become our saving grace and I don’t think we would still be traveling as much without it. So whether you’re looking for a jumper you can bring with you to the local park or you spend the majority of your time exploring new cities or even new countries, stay tuned for my detailed review of the Summer Infant Pop N’ Jump Portable Activity Center. You’re sure to see its potential right away!

Summer Infant Pop N’ Jump Portable Activity Center

My first impression of the Summer Infant Pop N’ Jump Portable Activity Center was modest. The design didn’t blow me away but I also knew it would do what I needed it to do. The most important feature was already obvious-it was portable. But I got a closer look to see what else was included with the jumper.

There’s a removable canopy that’s perfect for spending time outdoors. I also liked the fabric base that would keep my baby’s feet from touching the grass or sand. While there aren’t a ton of toys on the jumper, what is included works great. It’s just enough to keep my baby engaged while I take a quick moment for myself.

Do You Need a Pop n Jump Jumper When Traveling?

I know, plenty of babies have survived vacations without jumpers. But I believe in consistency and not limiting my baby’s experiences just because we aren’t at home. That’s why I loved the idea of a portable jumper. My baby could still exercise and jump and it didn’t take much extra effort on my part. Could you imagine lugging a stationary jumper through a hotel hallway? No thanks!

Also, it takes a whole lot of planning to keep a baby safe while on vacation. It’s very comforting to know that when we head to a beach or a park for a picnic, I can keep my baby close and safe. She won’t be able to crawl off or pick up something she shouldn’t because she’s secure in her jumper.

Features of summer infant pop n jump

I loved that the jumper came ready to use. All I had to do was take it out of the package and it was fully assembled and ready to go. I had only used stationary jumpers with my baby before so I was ready to be disappointed. But I put her inside and she went nuts! The soft fabric on top is filled with pieces to explore. There’s a book included for her to look through and everything is perfectly safe for her to chew on (we all know how much babies love to chew on anything they can reach).

I tried out the jumper once more before we left for a long weekend vacation. My husband and I brought it with us to the park just to see how it would do outside and I again was impressed. I was worried that it wouldn’t be sturdy or that it just wouldn’t be worth the effort. But the jumper was ready to go in a matter of seconds and I didn’t have to worry about my baby being safe or not. As long as the ground is mostly level, the jumper makes up for small bumps and grooves. I also appreciated the canopy, which added more protection from the sun than sunscreen alone. Check out a few other important features found on this jumper.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Comes completely assembled-no tools required
  • Includes spinner ball, rattle, teether, and mirror book
  • Comes with a convenient over-the-shoulder carrying bag
  • Seat is removable and machine washable
  • Ideal for babies between 6 and 12 months



Overall, this jumper had everything I was looking for and then some. Here are some of my favorite features.

  • 100% portable (not just foldable)
  • Designed for indoor and outdoor use
  • Fabric activity center is softer and more inviting than plastic
  • Baby can still jump (some portable versions are just modified baby holders, not jumpers)


There really isn’t anything I’ve been disappointed with concerning this jumper but I have heard a few concerns from other parents I’ve spoken with, including the following.

  • Canopy is delicate
  • Travel bag can rip if jumper is forced inside
  • Not as many toys as a traditional jumper

Summer Pop N’ Jump Portable Activity Center Video

See how easy it is to set up and take down this jumper in this quick video.

Other Options

There are a few other options you can consider when trying to decide on a portable jumper. The Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo features a fun and engaging jungle theme. It does fold in half but it’s still quite large. It might fit in your trunk or back seat but if you’re flying or have a smaller car, it won’t be the traveling jumper you’re hoping for.

You can also go with the Evenflo ExerSaucer Door Jumper, Bumbly. Because it hooks to a door, you can easily move it around your home and from state to state. But you won’t know if it will work with the door frame at hotels until you get there and even then, the most likely option is the bathroom door, which isn’t the first place I would want my baby to play. The Summer Infant jumper is the best of both worlds. It’s portable but still has plenty of engaging features to keep my baby entertained.

Final Verdict

When it comes to traveling with a baby, there’s no better jumper than the Summer Infant Pop N’ Jump Portable Activity Center. There’s plenty to explore and love in life. Just because you have a baby, you don’t need to stop getting out in the world. In fact, having a baby should give you even more motivation to learn, explore, and see the sights together as a family. Ready to stop holding yourself back? Order the Summer Infant Pop N’ Jump Portable Activity Center today and then start planning your next trip!