Evenflo ExerSaucerJump and Learn Stationary Jumper, Jam Session Review (with Video)

Baby jumpers are available for every price range. You can get a jumper for under $40 or you can splurge a bit on a higher-end model. If this is the case, there’s one jumper that immediately comes to mind. The Evenflo ExerSaucerJump and Learn Stationary Jumper, Jam Session is the perfect jumper for your little one and it comes with plenty of extras. The quality is superb so if you plan on keeping it around after your current baby outgrows it for future siblings, you can rest easy knowing that it will last for years.

Curious about the Evenflo ExerSaucerJump and Learn Stationary Jumper, Jam Session? Keep reading to discover all the unique features found in this jumper, along with other options to consider just in case your budget limits your choices.

Evenflo ExerSaucerJump and Learn Stationary Jumper, Jam Session

My first impression of the Evenflo jumper was that the design was so modern! It looked like a futuristic toy for a baby instead of something that should currently be on the shelves. But this just made me even more interested in learning about the jumper.

The Evenflo is a stationary jumper, meaning that you’ll want to make sure you have the room in your home for a jumper of its size. It doesn’t fold for storage, which isn’t uncommon for a jumper with so much to offer. So make sure you have an open space in your living room or kitchen that’s easily accessible but not in the way. I keep mine in the kitchen so my baby can jump and play while I’m preparing meals. It takes the stress out of this chore for both of us.

Keeping Your ExerSaucerJump and Learn Stationary Jumper Clean

I’m a bit of a germaphobe. I’m constantly worrying about germs finding their way into my baby’s body and making her sick. So whenever I look for new toys, I always make sure that they’re easy to keep clean. Just take a look at these guidelines for cleaning children’s toys from the National Resource Center for Health and Safety in Child Care and Early Education.

This was the first factor I considered when considering the Evenflo jumper. So you can imagine my surprise when I discovered just how easy it would be to protect my little one from invisible dangers. The entire base can be wiped down with soap and water. The seating pad is easy to remove and can be thrown in the washing machine. All of the toys also come off so I can give them a good scrubbing, along with the areas underneath the toys that usually trap juice spills and crumbs. All of these smart design features were enough to convince me I could keep this jumper not just visibly clean but also sanitized.


Now that I knew my requirements were being met with this jumper, I needed to make sure my baby would like it, too. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the design allows babies to bounce more than most other jumpers. My little one never sits still so I wanted a jumper that could keep up with him. The jumper is ideal for children at least 4 months old and can be used until they’re walking. They just have to be 30 inches or less.

There are over 26 activities included with this model. Your baby will be able to explore and learn the entire time they’re in the jumper. They can learn when they’re not in the jumper, too. The toys are removable and you can customize them based on your baby’s preferences. Take a look at some other unique features found in this design.

  • Base provides a soft-landing pad that helps baby feel secure and stable
  • Electronic toys interact with one another, providing coordinating lights and sounds
  • Includes three height positions that ensure baby is comfortable and safe
  • Design promotes neck, back, and leg muscle development
  • Jumper weighs 16 pounds and measures 35 x 35 x 39 inches

Evenflo Exersaucer Jump & Learn Stationary Jumper, Jam Session 1 Ea


This jumper really won me over, thanks to the following positive features.

  • Super easy to keep clean
  • Babies love the ability to bounce more than with most other jumpers
  • Toys can be switched, providing a new experience every time baby gets in
  • Fun theme and modern design and look


There aren’t too many factors that the folks at Evenflo didn’t think about. But here are a few things I wished were a bit different.

  • Taller babies might outgrow jumper quickly
  • Sounds and music can get repetitive
  • Not as many toys as other models

Evenflo ExersaucerJump and Learn Stationary Jumper, Jam Session Video

See this jumper up close. You’re sure to love all the features and bonuses.

Other Options

There are so many jumpers available on the market. I had to narrow down my choices very carefully. While I did eventually choose the Evenflo jumper, there were a couple other jumpers that almost won me over. The Bright Starts Bounce Bounce Baby features a design that’s also easy to keep clean. There’s a bounce pad underneath to cushion the baby’s feet and the seat spins 360 degrees to give them access to the wide variety of included toys. However, the seat doesn’t bounce so I thought my baby might feel a bit restricted in this model.

The Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo is another wonderful option. I couldn’t believe how many toys were included. There are musical features and plenty to hold your baby’s attention. But I was concerned about the longevity of the jumper, which ultimately pushed me towards the Evenflo jumper, where the higher price and quality materials gave me confidence in the lifespan of the jumper.

Final Verdict

I’m so glad I spent a little more on a jumper than I originally planned. Going over budget is never ideal but I feel as if I really got my return on my initial investment with the Evenflo ExerSaucerJump and Learn Stationary Jumper, Jam Session. I plan on having more children and it makes me happy to know that I’ll have everything I need to welcome them into the world, from a crib to a car seat to all the toys they could ever need, including a quality jumper. If you’re looking for a quality jumper that can keep up with your growing family, the Evenflo jumper is the one to choose.