Educational Toys for 2 year Olds to Expand Their Mind

Learning can be fun, at any age. For a two-year-old, it can be even more so. It’s the age when a child is beginning to explore the world around it. As a child makes the important transition to a toddler, it goes through some life-changing developments that will shape the latter years of its life. The right kind educational toys for 2 year olds will have many qualities we talk about in this post.

It’s indeed a critical learning and development period for any child. And with the right kind of educational toys to steer the learning process, you can ensure the holistic development of your child at all levels – from the physical to the mental and emotional.

Choosing the right kind of toy

Now that you know the importance of choosing the perfect toys to stimulate your two-year-old’s development, the challenge is to find the right kind. What should you look for in a toy for your toddler? What are the things to be kept in mind while making the selection?

This has become even more difficult in the current environment that’s deluged with all kinds and varieties of toys, each claiming to be educationally more effective than the other. While every child’s development pace, and hence its educational needs are different, there are certain common criteria that you can keep in mind while choosing an educational toy for a two-year-old.

What to look for

Easy learning

The fact is that a two-year-old is just beginning to work on a lot of things – from hand gestures to movement coordination, to basic communication and interaction with those around it. So the toys you choose for your child should be designed to address these learning needs.


Your toddler is now at an age where its vocabulary is expanding to include new words every day. So an educational toy that helps the vocabulary learning process is always good at that age.


Since movement coordination is a critical aspect of this growing-up age, find toys that’ll help enhance your kid’s ability to focus better, and also strengthen the muscles needed for coordination between the hand and the eye. It’s important to find toys that’ll help your toddler acquire better control over its hands and fingers.


Find toys that challenge your child’s senses; those will give a lot of happiness and satisfaction on successfully meeting the challenge.


Remember that by age two, your child has already learnt a few things. For instance, it knows by now that not everything can or should be hurled around. So buying toys that further enhance its functional learning is a good way of educating your child. Building blocks are, of course, one common educational toy that can put your child on the way to learning common words, numbers etc.

Other important educational toys in this category include toy scooters, trains and cars, toy vacuum, home and kitchen play sets. Take your pick depending on whether your child is a boy or a girl. Riding toys and simple puzzles are also suitable for this age, as are figures of animals and people.

Find toys that require stacking or block-building to nurture your child’s organizational ability, while also improving its movement coordination. Balance bikes are also useful for the development of a child’s movement.


Colors will also brighten up your child’s world, so go for educational toys that are packed with color. You can use colored balls not only to teach your toddler how to distinguish between various colors but also to count. Crayons and markers are also a good way to educate your child about colors and to improve its hand movement as it tries to draw objects.

Once it begins to recognize and relish colors, let your child then graduate to other colored toys to further strengthen its cognitive abilities. Combine the colors with musical toys to enable your baby to enjoy even more.

There’s a wide variety of musical instruments you can choose from to help your child learn to distinguish sounds. Colored shape sorters can also be beneficial in facilitating your toddler’s ability to identify different shapes.


Remember, the right choice in selecting educational toys for your two-year-old will go a long way in strengthening its learning abilities and strengthening its intellectual capacities.

Go for toys that also teach your child the power of interactive effort. Indulge in role play activities, such as using toy phones for pretend talks with friends and family or for emergency dialing.

Playdough can also be useful for teaching your child how to make things. Let your parental instinct guide you in choosing the best toys for your two-year-old baby.

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