Catch a Duckling Fine Motor Skills Game

catch a duckling game

Over here at Learning Toy Guide as well as sharing our reviews of the best learning toys for kids, we also like to show you how you can use toys in your learning activities at home.

​The humble rubber duck might not immediately spring to mind as being a learning toy, but grab a set of different colored ducks and you can use them to work on:

  • Color Recognition
  • Patterning
  • Counting 
  • Building Fine Motor Skills

Make Way for the Ducklings

We are joining in with the 75th Anniversary celebrations for the hugely popular Make Way for the Ducklings illustrated children's book, sharing activities that have been inspired by this wonderful children's book.

Make Way for the Ducklings by Robert McCloskey  is a delightful story set in Boston, USA which shares the adventures of Mr and Mrs Mallard who after a long search, decide to stay and raise their young family on a lagoon in Boston Public Gardens. 


​Plastic ducks in 3 different colors

3 medium sized plastic containers

1 large plastic tray

Food Colouring

Ahead of the Activity​

I half filled each of the 3 medium sized containers with warm water and then used a few drops of food coloring to change the color of the water to match the 3 different colored ducks being used to play the game.

I then filled a large deep tray half full with warm water along with a few drops of blue food coloring to turn it into our duck pond.

Finally I popped the ducks into their pond and laid out the tongs.

How to Play Catch a Duckling Fine Motor Skills Game

I encouraged my daughter to use the large tongs to grip each of the ducks in turn and then drop them into the container with the corresponding colored water.

Tongs are an excellent fine motor tool to have in your learning toys supplies. Using them in a fun activity gives the muscles in your child's wrists, fingers and hands an all over work out to help strengthen them​ as they play.

Catch a Duckling Fine Motor Skills Game

​Without even realizing it as she squeezed the duck she was still giving the muscles in her hands and fingers a really good work out and helping them to gain the strength they need to help her with tasks such as fastening her clothes and using scissors correctly.

Catch a Duckling Fine Motor Skills Game

She had great fun splashing around in the water and thought it was hilarious that she could squeeze water out of each of the ducks to make them go to the toilet!

Catch a Duckling Fine Motor Skills Game

More Make Way for the Ducklings Activities

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Sunny Day Family show you how to make your own life-sized "map" to recreate the journey that the Mallard family took through the book.​

Make this Busy Bag inspired by the book from Craftulate

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Catch a Duckling Fine Motor Skills Game

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