7 Exciting Water Play Activities for Kids

7 Exciting Water Play Activities for Kids

There is something about water that makes it irresistible for kids. Even a small tub of water can give your kids hours of fun and educational experience. If you are curious about how this can be possible, here are 7 water play activities that can make your kid giggle and learn at the same time.

Number soup
A number soup is an exciting way to learn numbers and this could work for different age groups. You will need a sand pail and colored numbers (preferably the plastic ones) for this activity. A tub or a Learning toy guide is perfect for this activity.
If your little one is still starting to learn the numbers, you can ask to collect the numbers you would say and put it in the pail of water. If your kid is old enough you can use this game to teach basic addition. For example, you’d say, collect the number that when added to 2 will have a total of 5. You can then increase the difficulty level over time.

Alphabet tub
Instead of numbers, you can add letters. You could sing the alphabet song together while fishing the letters from the water. When you sing, A is for apple, make sure to have your kid fish out letter A. You can also form basic words using the letters. Start with the easy ones like dog or cat. This water play activity lets your kid learn to sing the alphabet, identify the letters and learn to spell basic words.
Pick that water animal
There are many types of water animals and it can be challenging to introduce them all to your kid. One best way to do it is through water play activities.
In this water play activity, you will need water animals and a tub of water. Let the toys float in the water first and allow your kid to play with them and familiarize their features. Then casually, you can start introducing all the water animals in the tub. Toward the end of the activity, you can ask for your child to pick the correct water animal you would say and put that animal in the pail until all of them are out of the water.
Squirt and fill
Are you familiar with those tiny colorful water squirt toys? You will need those in this activity. You would also need a beach bucket. When you have them, just put them all in the water table. This is a fine motor activity which will help kids control the small muscles in their fingers. This is a very simple activity that involves letting your kid fill the bucket with water by squirting the toys. It’s a fun game especially for toddlers.
Floating and sinking toys
This is another fun water play activity for toddlers. You would need toys that sink and toys that float in this game. Balls and boats normally float in the water. For the toys that sink, you could use blocks and other plastic toys.
Just fill in your water table almost to the top and add all the toys. Let your little one explore and awaken their curious minds. Before you know it, your kid will be asking why some toys are at the bottom and why the others float. It is then the best time to explain about things that float and things that sink.
Knowing that some things float in the water while others sink is one of the important concepts in physics. And you can teach this to your kid at an early age through this water play activity.

Funnel and buckets
From the name of this game, you’d need a funnel and buckets for this water play activity. Just leave them in the water table and curious minds would automatically know what to do with them. If yours is a toddler, you can show how to pour water through the funnel to fill the buckets.
Kids will be challenged to properly hold the funnel while pouring water in it. That way, they can fill the bucket faster. While doing this, they can utilize their hands and keep their eyes focused on what they are doing. In the process, they can improve their fine motor skill and eye-hand coordination.
Crazy tub
If you can’t pick any of the above water play activities, just try this “crazy tub.” Just fill your water table with water, add any water toys you have and let your little one play with them. Your tub may look crazy and crowded with toys, but it could mean fun for your kid. She may pick up something and ask what it is, then you can explain.
This water play activity is a total package for sensory and fine motor skill development and learning. For a better experience, be sure to add a good variation of colorful toys like animals, letters, numbers and others.

Water play activities are safe, wholesome, fun and exciting. If you have a water table at home, you can easily set up a water play activity, indoor or outdoor. It is important to note that water play activities are all about your kid enjoying the game. While the ideal goal is for kids to learn while playing, don’t be too hard on these rules. Just let your kids play, have fun and enjoy, and the learning process will come naturally.