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June 2017: The Best Baby Doll Stroller Reviewed!

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Our Number 1 Pick

The VTech Baby Amaze 3-in-1 Care & Learn Stroller is the winner! We like this because it works as a stroller, high-chair and bassinet. It also has a sensor that recognizes movement. The musical component of this best baby doll stroller is a plus since not all doll strollers have this feature.

Many parents aim to pair active playtime with learning. Active play includes activities that produce moderate to vigorous bursts of high energy (source), and which make kids "huff and puff". One good way to do it is through role-playing. This activity offers numerous benefits to kids including promoting empathy, change of attitude and creativity (source).

In role-playing, adding realistic toys makes the experience more fun and interactive. For instance, in playing house, looking for the best baby doll stroller to accompany the role-play activity is important to foster fun and creativity.

Benefits of Baby Doll Strollers to Kids

Baby doll strollers or carriers promote active play.

Baby doll strollers or otherwise known as doll prams are among the toys that keep kids active through walking and moving. Some of the best doll prams even reinforce toddlers and smaller kids who are still learning to walk by providing a stable support where they can hold on. Because of that, baby doll strollers are recognized as toys that can aid in the gross motor development of kids.

​Also, while playing with their doll carriage or stroller, kids will not only benefit physically, but they will also learn some important things. They will be able to know how to push and pull and use the safety belt to secure the doll.

Best doll pram

Toy stroller for dolls

Baby doll strollers or carriers foster character building.

Doll strollers for babies are also among the toys that help kids develop their character and social skills. When your child has a toy stroller for her dolls, she can pretend to play as a parent. If you are a parent, you can take advantage of this situation to teach your child how to be a responsible and caring person.

Playing with the best baby doll stroller also promotes communication, language and social skills especially if they are playing with their friends or other siblings.

Baby doll strollers or carriers spark the imagination of kids.

There is no limit with the number of scenarios or play hours kids can spend as they let their imaginations run wild while playing house. The best toy strollers can be many other things as long as their creative minds can imagine--it can be an old person’s walker, a mini-car, a rolling house… the possibilities are endless!

Features to Check when Choosing the 

Just like how you carefully choose the best educational toys for your kids, the same attention should also be given when comparing doll strollers for babies. It is said that modern day parents are a captive audience for marketing (source). Avoid being a victim of false marketing. Instead, check and compare baby doll strollers before you buy. 

Style, Design and Size

First impressions last--the best baby doll stroller that you choose should be appealing and interesting to your child. Ask yourself, will my child feel that this is the best baby doll stroller in the world when I show it to her or to him? Choose your child’s favorite color; think of the size of the dolls and stuffed animals your child can cart on the stroller or doll carriage and choose the right size and height for her. Does it look like a dolls pushchair? These are some of the things to consider when choosing the right design, style and size.

Baby doll carrier

Doll in a toy stroller

Materials and functionality

A key thing to look for to find the best doll pram in the market is its composition--is it made of safe, non-toxic material? Is it washable, and how do you keep it clean and maintained? You should also check how all parts function, if it can be easily maneuvered by the kids.

Check for safety issues

One of your primary considerations when buying a baby doll stroller for your child is safety. Check for possible choking hazards, that is ff there are small parts included in the toy that can easily be removed by the kids. Do a test drive of the stroller to see how sturdy and how stable it is when kids play with it. Sharp and pointy edges should raise a red flag.

Baby Doll Strollers Offer Pure Joy to Kids 

Best Baby Doll Strollers



Our Rating

This doll pram is among the multi-functional toys that offer great value for your money. It doesn’t just work as a doll stroller but you may also transform it into a doll's high-chair or a bassinet. Getting this best baby doll stroller is like purchasing three separate products in one price. Because of its multi-functionalities, it is also a great toy for teaching kids about the nurturing concepts.

  • Our rating
  • Quality
  • Price

One of the unique features on VTech Baby Amaze 3-in-1 Care & Learn Stroller is that it has smart sensors that recognizes movement. When a movement is detected, it will start playing music, which in turn will depend on your chosen mode.  For instance, if you choose the stroller mode, it will play tunes that you would normally hear when you are strolling in a park, farm or neighborhood. This best baby doll stroller also plays nursery rhymes. Moreover, it features number keys to help kids learn how to count.


  • Multi-functional
  • Plays more than 90 melodies and sounds
  • Comes with a doll
  • Sturdy


  • Some users say that the on/off button is hard to find

Badger Basket Pink Gingham 3-in-1 Doll Pram

Baby doll carriage

Badger Doll Stroller for Babies



Our Rating

This is another multi-functional baby doll carrier that has several great features. It works as a baby doll stroller, pram and carrier in one. This product will allow your child to conveniently take her favorite toys everywhere. 

Furthermore, this best baby doll stroller is made of poly and cotton components which are easy to clean. All its finishes are non-toxic. Also, it has rubber handle grip so that your little one will feel comfortable while pushing it.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Multi-purpose
  • Foldable
  • Compact


  • Several users say that some components are flimsy



Our Rating

For kids who are just starting to walk, this best baby doll stroller can make the learning process more fun. It is sturdy and has a wide base so it does not easily topple down. This best baby doll stroller is also durable and can support the weight of an average toddler. Kids can use this best baby doll stroller not just for walking but also for role playing.

This best baby doll stroller comes with an easy-to-grasp handle with a wiggly bear that plays three musical tunes. Other features that you can find in this best baby doll stroller include spinners, flipbook and a roller bar that your kid can play with when the stroller is stationary.


  • Sturdy
  • Easy to turn
  • Works as a walker
  • Plays music


  • Wheels have no lock



Our Rating

The Badger Basket Folding Doll Umbrella Stroller is another product that can stimulate kids to role playing. This best baby doll stroller comes with numerous realistic features such as the umbrella that kids can easily flip out and the under-carry basket with adequate space for several toys. Moreover, it is also fitted with a safety belt, soft handle, and a footrest.

For families who are always travelling, this best baby doll stroller is a compact and convenient toy to bring. It easily folds for travel and storage.


  • Comes fully assembled
  • Folds easily
  • Sturdy
  • Easy to clean


  • Front wheels don’t swivel

Precious Toys, Pink & White Polka Dots Foldable Doll Stroller

Precious Toys toy stroller

Precious Toys doll carriage



Our Rating

This best baby doll stroller has the looks and functionalities of a full-size jogger. It is lightweight, foldable and easy to maneuver. Since pink is a popular color among girls, your little one will easily love this cute stroller.

For realistic play, this best baby doll stroller features a foldable hood, seat belt and basket in the bottom. These features help parents in teaching kids to be responsible. For instance, in a pretend play, your girl will learn when to use the foldable hood or seat belt to protect their doll. They could also use the storage basket of this best baby doll stroller to easily carry the essentials.

In addition, this best baby doll stroller has smooth wheels that will not leave scratches or marks on wooden floor. All the components are also lead free.


  • Solid construction
  • Easy to push
  • Compact
  • Easy to fold


  • Front wheel doesn’t swivel

Talking about the best baby doll stroller, our top choice is the VTech Baby Amaze 3-in-1 Care & Learn Stroller. We like this because of it works as a stroller, high-chair and bassinet. It also has a sensor that recognizes movement. The musical component of this best baby doll stroller is a plus since not all doll strollers have this feature. Although it is an expensive best baby doll stroller, you’ll get the value of what you’ll pay for.

Aside from the VTech Stroller, Badger Basket Pink Gingham 3-in-1 Doll Pram is also a good option. While several users say that some of its components are flimsy, the overall feature of this best baby doll stroller is great. It is also-multifunctional as it works as a stroller, pram and carrier.

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