Best Arduino Starter Kit For Beginners- Top Gift of 2017!

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Our Number 1 Pick!

The Elegoo Mega 2560 is perhaps the Our favorite Arduino starter kit in this list, considering overall features, lessons and number of components that kids can work with.

Whoever said that circuitry and electronic activities are just for adults? Even kids can create their very own LCD display, resistor or sensor from scratch and the best Arduino starter kit can make that possible. Arduino  kits are amazing toys and they are gaining in popularity as a STEM toy for kids who appreciate electronics and technology. If you can afford to buy a more advanced educational gadget for your kid like a drone or a laptop, why not invest in something that will let your kids do numerous Arduino projects.

Arduino beginners kit

Arduino starter kit project

What is an Arduino? While many people may have heard this name before, some are not really familiar with how Arduino works. In this comprehensive review, we will explain what is an Arduino and how your kids can benefit from it.

Arduino Starter Kit Projects Introduce Kids to Electronics

The electronics industry is among the strongest in terms of global growth. In fact, in 2012, the computer and other electronic products shipments totaled about $339.4 billion (source). That was nearly 5 years ago. Additionally, for over 50 years, the U.S. semiconductor industry has also been at the forefront in terms of worldwide technological development (source). This only shows that kids who are into electronics will have a great future in terms of job opportunities in the future.​


Arduino board with accessories

There is no such thing as too young to do simple Arduino projects with leds and other accessories. It is even better to teach your little one how Arduino works while they are still young so that they can have a good foundation in STEM. Arduino starter kits are a great way to encourage kids to learn more about the world of electronics. With a top rated Arduino board for beginners, they could tackle simple to complex electronic projects.

Common Components of Arduino Starter Kits

Arduino starter kits work more like Lego toys. They come with different components that kids can use to complete various Arduino starter kit projects. Most of these Arduino kits come with manuals that are age-appropriate so that kids can easily work on simple and complex projects on their own.

So here are the common components of Arduino starter kits​:


All Arduino starter kits come with a breadboard which is a reusable platform that mounts all the components. Breadboards have small holes that are connected to various lines. With breadboards, kids will no longer need to solder as they can just push the components into the holes.


Beginners Arduino board

Jumper Wires

Jumper wires are also among the basic components of Arduino starter kits. These wires are responsible for making the connections in the breadboard.


Resistors are an important component of electrical circuits, that is you also need one in making Arduino starter kit projects. Resistors control the flow of current to the different components to protect them from damage.

Other Components

Apart from the basic components listed above, the Good Arduino starter kit may also contain LEDs, Piezo Buzzer, buttons and potentiometer.

How Arduino Starter Kit Works

How to Pick  a Fantastic Arduino Board

Consider what your kid wants to create

When comparing Arduino starter kits, it is important that you know what kind of electronic projects your kid plans to have. Is he planning to make an electronic sensor or a robotic toy? Different Arduino starter kits are designed for various purposes. Unless you know what you are looking for, you might get overwhelmed by the option you will have.

Check if you have unused components

Skip this step if it is your first time to buy an Arduino kit. If you have already bought several sets before, you might want to check out first what you have before getting a new kit.  You might still have several available components that your kid can use for his next project. It would be good to buy a new Arduino starter kit that will complement the remaining components you still have.

Best Arduino Starter Kits for Beginners

The Elegoo Mega 2560 Project comes with over 200 premium quality pieces that kids can use to complete several simple Arduino projects with leds and other parts. When you buy this kit, you’ll also get a free PDF tutorial containing over 35 lessons. Moreover, this Arduino electronic starter kit also comes with an LCD1602 module as well as a GY-521 sensor module that has pin headers so that there is no need for kids to solder by themselves.

If you are looking for an Arduino board for beginners that is user-friendly, this model is a good choice. Kids can easily use and make the components work because the step-by-step instructions are simple and easy to follow. Moreover, this kit includes a small box to secure the small widgets like the buttons, IC, diodes and the LED.


  • User-friendly
  • Allows for multiple projects
  • Components are durable
  • Instructions are clear
  • More lessons


  • Some parts can be difficult for kids to identify

Arduino Starter Kit - English Official Kit With 170 Page Book

This kit - English Official Kit is one of the most reccomended Arduino starter kits especially for kids who have never played this type of electronic toy before. It contains all the components necessary for kids to start programming using the Uno board. Moreover, it comes with a guidebook that will teach kids how to work on 15 different Arduino projects from simple to complex ones. Among the Arduino starter kit projects that kids can do with this set are a Knock Lock (a door that opens with a secret code), a digital hourglass and a Light the RAM (a musical instrument that plays when you wave your hands).


  • Allows for multiple projects
  • Components are easy to use
  • Instructions are clear


  • No storage box
  • Some projects require components not included in the kit

Elegoo UNO Project Super Starter Kit with Tutorial for Arduino

This educational electronic toy is a perfect option if you are on a budget. It is not that expensive compared to many Arduino kits in the market. It also comes with quality pieces as well as a tutorial in PDF containing over 22 lessons that kids can easily follow. Moreover, this  kit has an LCD1602 module component with a pin header so that kids can assemble the components without having to solder.  With this Arduino starter kit, kids will get to work on projects that use a power supply module as well as a 9V battery with DC.


  • Extra durable components
  • No soldering needed
  • High quality components


  • Not very good tutorial
  • Fewer lessons

Arduino Uno 3 Ultimate Starter Kit 

If you want an Arduino starter kit with more components to complete more projects, this product is a good choice. With this set, kids can do dozens of projects from simple to the most complex ones that require more pieces.  Among its vital components are the genuine Arduino Uno Rev3 board along with over 190 other electronic parts such as jumper wires, holders, LEDs, USB cables and more. To assist kids in doing various projects, this beginners Arduino kit also comes with a 72-page manual with clear and easy to understand instructions.

Moreover, since Arduino is based on a C/C++ programming language, this  kit will also walk you through the basics.


  • More projects to do
  • Extra durable components
  • Easy to play with


  • Requires registration with Vilros to get the guide
  • Some buyers say they have missing parts

Kuman Project Complete Starter Kit

For those who are beginners in using Arduino, this is another excellent starter kit worth considering.  It comes with different types of sensors such as the vibration sensor, flame sensor, temperature sensor and touch sensor which can make every project standout. Apart from these sensors, there are other components that come with this kit. Overall there are 44 components in this set. Moreover, by following its 23 tutorial lessons, kids can easily finish their projects and start a new one. 

It is important to note that this Arduino starter kit has an UNO R3 board 1602 LCD display with a pin header which still requires soldering.​ Kids will need the assistance of adults to solder.


  • Components are durable
  • Easy to play with


  • Tutorials are hard to understand
  • Fewer components to work with
  • Some projects need components not included in this kit

Which is the Best Arduino Starter Kit?

The Elegoo Mega 2560 Project The Most Complete Ultimate Starter Kit is perhaps the best Arduino board for beginners in this list because of its great overall features.  With this product, kids could make numerous Arduino starter kit projects from its 35 lessons. and will be able to work with 200 components. While this is a luttle more pricey, it is still the our top option because of its many benefits.