Baby Einstein Bendy Ball Review (With Video)

Your baby is just at that age when they love to throw things around. And like all moms, you simply love to see your little one indulge in this activity. For you it’s a game which you really enjoy playing with your toddler.

The only thought that prevents you from wholeheartedly giving in to the pleasure of this typically childish activity is what your baby’s going to hurl next. What if it’s something that’ll break and hurt your child or someone else for that matter? Now, that’ll take all the fun out of the game for sure!

The Baby Einstein Bendy Ball has been crafted to prevent just such an eventuality. It’s great fun for all those active babies whose little fingers are always itching to throw something around. And this affordable little toy is not only visually stimulating, but also has a whole lot of sounds to keep your little one’s senses engaged

The Baby Einstein bendy ball is designed keeping your baby’s safety in mind. The soft and flexible plastic makes squeezing and bending it a complete breeze. Your baby can handle it quite effortlessly, without any strain or pressure on his delicate hands. Not only, can it throw the ball around as much as it wants to, without you needing to constantly hover around to make sure it doesn’t hit the wrong place.

Features of the Baby Einstein Bendy Ball

The Baby Einstein bendy ball is just what you would have personally made for your child if you were creatively inclined. It comes with some amazing features, which you simply won’t stop raving about.

  • Fun toy that can be easily bent, squeezed, rolled or grasped
  • Attractive and colorful caterpillar character on center band to keep the child well occupied
  • Multi-colored rolling chime ball to keep the baby stimulated through audio and visual variety
  • Smaller ball inside a large ball almost chimes like a bell
  • Helpful in teaching hand manipulation and coordination to a baby

Pros and cons of the Baby Einstein Bendy Ball


  • Designed to distract even the most cranky baby
  • Has a variety of uses to keep a baby busy
  • Crafted to positively transform a baby’s mood in no time
  • Comes in great colors with cute caterpillar parts


  • It's made of hard plastic, so be careful for any sharp edges
  • you need to careful if playing with this close to another small baby 
  • It doesn't have great movement over thick carpets
  • It is a little heavy


This is a complete and inexpensive bendy ball that you can pick up for your child. Because, when they are at an age where throwing things is nothing more than a fun game. Though a little on the heavy side, it’s quite a decent plaything if your baby’s old enough to handle the weight. Packed as it is with a whole lot of exciting visuals and sounds, it’s designed to keep your baby’s mind and heart engaged.

The sharp edges and some complaints of exposed screws may be a matter of concern. However, it may be a case of just a a few balls here and there having these defects, so there’s no real cause for worry. Vigilance is required to watch out for any defects or breakages after play as with all toys your.

Lastly, if you’d like to satisfy yourself some more before pitching for the Baby Einstein. Here’re some other options you can look at. The Oball 4-Inch Infant Rattle, is made of a smooth and flexible plastic that may be a little easier on your baby’s soft fingers. The Bright Starts Flexi Ball is also easy to bend and squeeze, with a rattle inside to stimulate your baby’s mood. Look at these options, in case you want a wider choice.

When it comes to your little one, the best is what you want and what you should go for. The Baby Einstein Bendy Ball is a great way to engage your baby as it gives vent to all their frustrations.The ball is, in fact, designed to help ebb all their frustrations away. So with this ball in its hand, you’ll see your child first get curiously engaged with the ball’s colors and sounds. And then, slowly, you’ll see your baby lose itself in the pleasure of exploring its intricate outer caterpillar and the interesting bell-like balls inside.Of course, like any other product, you’d need to be careful against any manufacturing defects that could harm your child. But with a little bit of care, this does seem to be a great toy for your adorable little baby.​