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Why is non-digital play important for kids?

As a kid, you may have been like me – spending as many hours as you could outdoors, playing tag with the neighbors, exploring the wilderness, finding bugs under rocks, rolling down hills. Maybe you’d spend so long outside that each night your parents would have to call you back inside before the sun went […]

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Why are Educational Toys important?

Educational toys are fun ways to ensure that your child develops to their full potential. Children learn through playing and have different stages of development that can be helped along by playing with toys that encourage them to form individual skills. They need direct contact with everything around them to understand how the world works. […]

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What are educational toys?

The toy industry forms a huge component of our lives as parents. Perhaps you are a new parent and you are concerned about the amount of toys available for your child, or perhaps you are interested in why some toys are seen as educational. Are some toys more beneficial to your child than others? In […]

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Why are toys important?

Toys have been important to children across centuries and in every culture on earth. Children play as they grow up, and they enjoy different ways of playing. But there is not just pointless fun happening when your children are happily playing with their favorite toys. Toys can have an impact on how a child plays […]

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The Importance of Educational Toys

Children, at their most playful stages, can spend the whole day playing with their toys. While playing with their toys, they unconsciously develop fundamental abilities. Learning is even better when they are connected with educational toys. Educational toys are often powered by electronic gadgets. Toddlers nowadays are getting more exposed to digital games. Also, most […]

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The Benefits of Educational Building Toys for Toddlers

Inviting your toddler to play with educational building toys opens up a wealth of developmental and learning  opportunities to them. Excellent for independent and group/sibling play, nowadays building blocks come in all shapes, sizes and colours making them even more appealing to our children.Wooden building blocks are a classic learning tool to challenge your toddlers imagination, as […]

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